The History of Wool & natural fibers

Dating right back to the shepherd time, people have preferred wool as the best protection against the cold.

Shepherds used the wool to clothing and slept under wool blankets at night, and even though they resided outside all year round in all types of weather and spent the night in primitive huts, they did very well themselves at outdoors, thanks to wool's amazing insulating properties.

In our modern times, wool has for quite a long time been repressed by many other different synthetic fabrics, but more and more people will return to the use of wool, a natural product with so many benefits.

Here writes of wool, the Bronze Age hard currency.

WOOL (eng. Wool, fr. Laine, tys. Wolle) is the sheep's coat/fur. It is thin hairs, shave or less curled. The wool produced anywhere on earth, but for the world trade mainly means exports from Australia, New Zealand, China, Norway, South America and South Africa.

There are many breeds of sheep and therefore many wool qualities. Wool quality comply mostly on wool fiber thickness. The thinnest under fur is the finest, but also the shortest. the outer long haired wool is rough. The quality means you should first look for thickness and then lengthwise. Short hair can be torn and rough, which of course makes the wool less valuable. Within the same quality range, are the long underfur fibers better than short.

Wool - Nature's masterpiece that has been an attractive fiber for centuries! Wool has the very special feature that it insulates against both heat and cold, and therefore are very popular throughout the world. It is its natural curly fibers that give this unique property. The curls allows the yarn to get tiny air pockets. A wool sweater contains approx. 80% air, and an air layer is formed around the body which in use isolates and holds the natural body temperature. As wool contains so much air draws the moisture to itself and feels warm and comfortable even when wet. Wool fibers have very high elasticity and gives form stable sweaters/jumpers. Wool has been used to knit sweaters for several generations and there has happened a lot in the development until today. To learn more about wool & wool fibers, please read this Wikipedia's description of wool.Icelandic Sweaters & knitwear jumpers can be purchased here online with free shipping!

Read more here "History of Wool" here on : I.W.T.O - International-Wool-Textile-Organisation.


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