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Size Chart & Guide for Norwegian sweaters - NORWOOL.

Size Chart

Here you will find the Size Chart for norwegian sweaters by NORWOOL / Gjestal pullovers /  norwegian sweaters / norwegian cardigans. (100% pure new Norwegian wool).

This is only a approximately guidance because they can vary from model to model.As well as variations due to steam / pressing in wool production.

NOTE: Remember wool is a natural product and therefore do not always behave the same.All sizes are Norwegian Unisex sizes corresponding to EU/UK men's sizes (slightly to the large side). Here is a Quick Size Guide for men and women

Men Size

Order the size that he usually fit/uses in men's sizes. If he usually fits between the two sizes, order the smallest size. (rather large mens sizes - not fashion sizes). Real true sizes.. L means "LARGE" ect.

Women Size

Our sweater sizes are norwegian unisex sizes and they are rather large for women. Please see our size conversion from unisex sizes to normal EU women size when choosing size under each sweater. Example Size:
"XS" corresponds to normal EU women size 36/38
"S" corresponds to normal EU women size 40
"M" corresponds to normal EU women size 42
"L" corresponds to normal EU women size 44/46
"XL" corresponds to normal EU women size 48
"XXL" corresponds to normal EU women size 50/52
"XXXL" corresponds to normal women size 54/58

Worsted wool models

(Worsted yarn)
All measurements in cm.XSSMLXLXXLXXXL-
- body length64666870727476
- width body50525458626670
- length sleeve

Karde yarn models - (normal wool)

(washed models)
All measurements in cm.XSSMLXLXXLXXXL-
- body length62666870727476
- width body48515559636770
- length sleeve45474951535456

Gjestal - Children sweaters

2 y4 y6 y8 y10 y12 y14 y16 y
All measurements in cm.
- width body3538414447505254
- body length3641465054586264
- length sleeve2630333639424446
- sleeve width1617181920212223


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