WOOLWEAR Company History

Our goal is to sell/provide good , nice & warm wool sweaters.

WOOLWEAR I/S is a Danish company . Launched in the summer of 2004 - With online sales in 4 countries. Specializing in Norwegian jumpers / knitwear and Icelandic sweaters / cardigans / sweaters , and accessories like hats, scarves and blankets. Everything of 100% pure new wool ......!

We strive to sell only very high quality and beautiful designs of wool sweaters. of Nordic/Scandinavian pattern and produced in the north. (Norway / Denmark / Iceland). We sell the market's most beautiful norwegian sweates from Gjestal & Norwool in Norway.

Our goal is to sell/provide good , nice & warm wool sweaters . In yet very reasonably priced and just of pure new wool.It must be so that the customer really get value for money..We enjoyed having been of a family which have produced & designed Icelandic sweaters and Norwegian jumpers for a lifetime.So we expect that the customer will have many good years, with their eventual purchase of an Icelandic sweater / Norwegian sweater by WOOLWEAR I/S - Denmark

Thanks a lot for reading.


Bo M. Aagaard


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